Walkthrough Metal Detector

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Product instruction

The high sensitivity digital detection detector EI-MD3000 uses excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology, has high detection sensitivity of magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal , and good recognition for personal items such as coins, keys, belt buckle, etc.

Technological features
  • A small metal like a paper clip can be detected; Suitable for a high level security inspection.
  • Combine digital and simulated technology, high anti-interference capacity, reduce the error alarm
  • Strong ability to self-diagnose; Monitoring of the operating status; Error alarm with sound and light
  • The outer cover is made of high resistance material, which has strong waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion and shockproof capacity
  • Modular design, easy installation and maintenance

EI-MD3000 is designed for airports, stations, factories, banks, tourist sites and attractions, etc …

General specifications
  • Gantry size: 2230 mm (W) × 830 mm (W) × 580 mm (H)
  • Tunnel size: 2000 mm (L) × 700 mm (W) × 500 mm (H)
  • Power supply: AC150 ~ 242V / 50 + 5% HZ
  • Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
  • Power: 13.9W
  • Weight: 65KG
Health and safety requirements
  • The device is certified harmless for pacemakers and pregnant women.
  • Meets standards for human exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Complies with current international standards (EN60950) for electrical safety and radio interference.
  • Complies with current international standards for all levels of security

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